Camp Warp Zone 2011

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3/23/2012 For more information about Pipe Dream, please see Welcotar's excellent writeup on the project: Pipe Dream.

7/23/2011 This weekend, we planned on building the entirety of Pipe Dream at the NIMBY space in Oakland. We didn't quite finish the whole thing, but we were close. Photos! Also, NIMBY is going to ship our pipes to the playa for us, so we don't have to drive a huge ass-truck over the Sierras. THANKS, NIMBY!

7/10/2011 This weekend we took out our shade cloths and patched them up. We also built some platforms for the tops of the corner towers in Pipe Dream. Exciting times, but no photos :(.

5/14/2011 We took over a parking lot outside Heron's Head park and built four columns of Pipe Dream. We planned on building a center '+' but a shipping error caused us to have insufficient fittings, so we had to be creative. The structure felt AMAZING -- see photos here.

5/10/2011 We built the center column of our structure in the back yard of 1355. We took some photos. Next build day coming up on Saturday -- we'll be building the middle +.

4/27/2011 Application submitted! We used this layout.